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Macarons....Felder recipe!!!!


For the Italian version click here!!!!

Here I'm again with some macarons!!!!! They are not really perfect but I'm so happy for the result!!! The first time I tried them they were (you can see them on my Italian blog)a bit of a disaster, they were quite dry. I tried once more with the same recipe...and that was a complete disaster...I could not manage to put the oven at the right temperature! I even went to paris for a visit to the Gerard Mulot workshop (you can see some pictures here)....and the obsession to make perfect macarons grew even more!! But since last week I didn't get the chance to try again. I researched a bit on the internet and apparently the easiest way it's to try with the Italian meringue and I found the Christophe Felder recipe and decided to try this one.
I have to say that I felt in love with this recipe...and I wont leave it anymore! Unfortunately my thermometer didn't work properly and the syrup was to the result was a quite liquid meringue. I was actually going to throw everything away...don't know why I didn't and I continued to make the macarons....but I'm so glad I did. They may not be perfect but I assure you there were really delicious like the originals....and I can't wait to try them again!!!
In brackets are the quantity I used.


200 gr. of almond flour (106,66)

200 gr. of icing sugar (106,66)

150 gr. of eggs white aged 48 hours (I used 2 eggs about 80gr.)

200 gr. of caster sugar (106,66)

50 ml of water (26,6 ml)

Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan and leave to stand.

Divide the total egg white into two equal amounts, placing one half in a small bowl or glass and the other half in the bowl which you will use for making the meringue. It is preferable to weigh the amounts, not do it by volume or eye.

Process the almond meal and icing sugar at high speed to achieve a fine powder. Sift to break up any lumps of powder and place in a large bowl.

Place the saucepan for the syrup over low heat and bring to a simmer. Start to measure the syrup temperature after it has been simmering for a minute or two.

If you are using an electric hand beater rather than a kitchen machine, beat the egg white until it makes soft peaks. If you are using a kitchen machine you can start the machine when the syrup is a few degrees below the final temperature (see below).

The final temperature you want the syrup to reach is 118C (no drama if you overshoot slightly). Beat the egg whites to firm peaks just before the final temperature is attained.

Set the beater/machine to slow speed and slowly pour the hot syrup into the bowl of beaten egg whites in a thin stream. The syrup may splash a little. If you are too slow to do this, the syrup might harden in the saucepan… there is always some wastage.

As soon as all the syrup is in the egg whites, increase the beating speed to maximum and beat for several minutes until the meringue is just warm to the touch. Add the colouring at this stage. The final product should be a stiff, compact meringue with a lovely satiny consistency.

Pour the unused amount of egg white onto the dry ingredients and mix well, until is all incorporated. Then scoop the meringue on top of that. Mix the ingredients with a spatula using a circular motion around the bowl and under the batter. It’s important to mix the ingredients quickly to avoid over mixing.

Spoon the batter into a sac a poche with a 8-10 mm nozzle and pipe evenly onto the baking paper. Leave them to dry for about 30 minutes.

Bake the macarons at 145ยบ for about 15 mins.

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  1. Wow, they look fantastic!! Macaroons are very hard to get right, I have managed once and they werent perfect!!

    T u for this...