Penne with a sea cicada sauce!!!!


Happy Easter monday everyone!!!!! I hope you had a good day with your families. Unfortunately I had to work and I landed in Tokyo yesterday afternoon....But I had a very good flight so can't really complain...even if sometimes it is really sad no to be able to be with your family (and partner)for this occasions.....
Today's recipe is again an Italian dish...sorry guys but I can't live without my pasta and pizza...even though I'm on a diet and I'm trying not to eat to much carbs.
In Fiumicino, where I live, 2/3 times a week the fishing vessels return to their base and the fishermen sell the super fresh fish at a very good price.
Thats how I got this slipper lobsters, or how we call in Italian cicale di mare ( sea cicada)...when we bought them they were still alive....
That day we roasted some of them in the oven, they very nice but definitely not the best way to cook them, while the day after I made this very delicious pasta sauce.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people):
10 sea cicadas
extra virgin olive oil
a can of chopped tomatoes

Clean the sea cicadas, leaving a couple for decoration, try to remove all the pulp. Make a cut on the back of those left whole. With all the sea cicadas shells and heads make a stock.
Sauté garlic and a bit of parsley with olive oil and the pulp of the cicadas. Add the stock, some more fish stock cook for 2 mins and then add the chopped tomatoes and the whole cicadas. Cook over low heat for about twenty minutes. Season the pasta and garnish with fresh parsley!

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