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Dark chocolate and white chocolate semifreddo!!!


I used a silicon based mould from Pavoni Idea
For the Italian version click here!!!
A nice fresh and quick dessert for these hot summer days ( at least here in Italy) and no need to use the oven!
At the beginning of the month I made some macarons, I had some white chocolate and hazelnuts ganache and a dark chocolate one left over. So, since I don't like to throw away anything, I made this amazing semifreddo. So good!!!!

INGREDIENTS:100g mascarpone50g whipped cream2 tbs honey ( I used organic honey from Arte Toscana)2 egg yolksDark chocolate ganache:100g double cream100g dark chocolate20g butterWhite chocolate ganache:100g doble cream100g white chocolate1 tsp hazelnuts paste20g butter 
First of all prepare the two ganaches in separate bowls. Heat up the cream in saucepan until it reaches the boil. Remove from heat and add the chocolate in small chunks. Stir well and add the butter. Stir well until creamy and smooth. In the white chocolate ganache together with the chocolate I added the teaspoon of hazelnuts paste (made by blending hazelnuts until I got a smooth cream).On a separate bowl beat egg yolks with honey, incorporate the mascarpone and whipped cream. Divide mixture into two equal parts and incorporate it to the two chocolate ganaches. Pour the two mixtures into a silicon based mould( I used Pavoni Idea mould)and refrigerate for a few hours. 

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  1. Looks wonderful! I have been using mascarpone in more and more dishes ... so smooth and less fat than cream cheese! This semifreddo looks simply elegant! So easy to prepare too!