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When I moved to England I began to appreciate the "tea" .... in Italy I used to drink it quite often ... but strictly with loads of lemon and lots of sugar (usually only in the afternoon because I did not have breakfast in the morning) .....  I kept this tradition for so time in London .... I could not understand how anyone could put milk in tea ... but slowly I got used to .... and now I take my tea in the morning and afternoon with milk and strictly with no sugar! Indeed my day can not start without a good hot tea! Over the years I have tried many types of tea, such as black, green tea and spiced black tea. Whenever I’m in London ( or Japan) for business I do not miss the opportunity to have a nice Chai Latte .... with "cinnamon on top" ..... ah that goodness!
In Italy, unfortunately, I can’t find this tea .... luckily with the Christmas tea from Adagio I can enjoy a nice spicy tea at home .... 'a Cylon black tea with cloves, orange peel, ginger , cardamom and cinnamon .... perfect for cold afternoons spent at home! I like this tea quite sweet so I always take with a little milk and a teaspoon of honey .... It’s so good! The aroma when I opened the bag was so exhilarating  .... and to prepare this tea with IngenuiTEA it’s so easy! Just put a teaspoon of tea leaves, let stand for 3 minutes and strain the tea. As tmany would say Christmas is just inside the cup ....
I recommend you to visit ADAGIO TEAS website to better understand how this convenient teapot works.

I tasted several teas from the "Holiday Cheer" selection ... like the candy cane tea: black tea, candy cane flavour, peppermint leaves and pieces of candy cane. I’ve also had ginger bread and tea with pumpkin! I must say that they are one better than the other and my favourites are the ones with cinnamon, I simply love this spice!
I haven’t still been able to taste "Citron Green", green tea with orange peel, orange flavour, lemon flavour and sunflower petals. But I will try it very soon!
I really recommend you to visit the ADAGIO TEA website, if you love tea like me definitely you’ll be amazed by the quality and selection of teas they sell!

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