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Morning everyone!!!!
Did you browse the new issue of Open Kitchen Magazine?
It's true Valentine's Day was ages ago but every day is the right one to surprise your loved ones with a romantic evening and dinner.
n this issue, You are invited to open the doors of Open Kitchen to glance at the recipes and tricks for big occasions like Valentine’s Day, here revisited with intuition and a little forethought, which might include a relaxing bath or meal of fresh oysters. Turning the pages, you will find the mastery of sugar art and an overseas patisserie, which, through artful decorations and tantalising sugar, shows us the colour of love. The arousal of passion is anticipated by a mise-en-place, and includes the details for entertaining and preparing a state of mind, the lights and decorations, which give flavour to the food of your special dinner, accompanied by the right bubbles. And again, you can taste the dishes from the Carnival sites around the world: colourful, spicy, or sweet, soft and comfortable dishes. Do not miss the interview with one of the most beloved chefs of the younger generation, Marco Bianchi, on TV with his advice for a healthy and amusing nutrition. And yet, we do not overlook the art of eating food as it is in the philosophy of Raw Food, Organic Food on the Table, a section on the issue of food intolerance and the new appointment with a passion for recycling and creating really smart furniture! 
 Then, We wait for you on these pages.
I hope you enjoy it!!!!

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