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The new issue of Open Kitchen Magazine is now online!!!!


Dear friends, the new issue of Open Kitchen Magazine is now online!!!
we are finally in the time of year we love the most: Spring. Rich of colors, good smells, the temperature is mild and allows many walks in the midst of nature and delicious picnics. In this issue you will find an unusual and tasty menu that can be enjoyed on the terrace with your friends and is matched with the wines selected by our sommelier for you. We celebrate Italian cuisine with a special on pizza and pasta! Also you can read the secrets of the master of pizza Antonino Esposito one of the pizza realm’s most popular talents across the world and the secrets to make your own sourdough. But we can’t forget about our dessert section or the tutorial to create an original pot for your flowers, the secrets of cooking raw food and French specialities
Happy Spring and reading to you all!

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