Ciabatta bread!!!


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Here I am with another very easy recipe!!!! I have to say that recently I’ve been more active then usual , I’ve noticed that every time I update my italian blog I get lots of visits and the other day I reach my first record 240 visitors in a day, and now 104 people are following my blog! Wow...I’m so happy!!! Thank you very much for your visits and your comments!!!

But lets talk about this new recipe...Last saturday I was alone at home, I was really stressed due to my last trip to Japan, not easy at all with the current situation, and As many of you already know my best anti-stress is to make bread and especially kneading!

But I actually have to say that this recipe it’s so easy because there is no knead.

Searching on the web I found this lovely blog, that I actually follow quite often, Its Vittorio’s blog “Viva la Focaccia” where with his cute children explains how to make a perfect ciabatta bread at home!! Very easy and the result is great!

Here are the ingredients to make one big ciabatta!


250 gr. of manitoba flour (the one I use it’s quite strong, 15% of proteins)

190 gr. of water

9 gr. of salt

5 gr. of fresh yeast (or you can use 2 gr. of powder yeast)

The dough it’s quite liquid, especially if you don’t use a very strong flour,and as Vittorio suggest you should put or less water or add more flour!

I put in a bowl all the flour, crumbled yeast and the water...mixed well the ingredients and at the end I added the salt and mixed everything once again.

The result is a very soft and sticky dough. I covered the bowl with cling film and let rise for about 18 hours at room temperature.

I floured well the work top, then with a spatula I folded the dough over itself in the bowl and poured it in the work top. I folded the dough once again, and then I put it in a floured baking tray. I covered the ciabatta and I let it rest about 2 hours.

Baked the bread in an hot oven at 220ยบ for about 35 mins.

Quite easy no? I really recommend you to visit “Viva la focaccia” website and to watch this video!!!!

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