Pizza and focaccia

Pizza at a very high Hydration!!!!!


For the Italian version click here!!!

When I made this pizza a few weeks ago I was a bit embarrassed to post this recipe because the pictures don’t look good at all....But to be honest they never did...I’ve never been a great photographer...But even If this pizza doesn’t look great It deserves a post because was so good...very soft!!! It has been hard work, I don’t have a proper mixer to knead the dough instead of my little hands, so took very long time to knead.

I got the idea to experiment this pizza looking at the italian blog “I pasticci dello zio Piero” where he made a pizza with 101% of Hydration.

For the pizza I used 300 gr. of manitoba flour, about 295 gr. of water, 2 gr. of fresh yeast, 1tbs of olive oil, 10 gr. of salt and as we say in Italy lots of “olio di gomito”...hard work!!!!

Let it rest and rise in the fridge for 48 hours!!!

Two or three hours before cooking the pizza place the dough on a floured top, dust it with lots of flour, be careful its very sticky, and just fold it over itself. Then place the dough in a well oiled baking tray and stretch the dough toward the edges with your fingertips, be careful not to brake the gas formed during the fermentation. Covered it with a floured tea towel and let it rest in a worm place. Season the pizza as you like...

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