Pizza and focaccia

Focaccia Pugliese!!!!


For the italian version click here!!!

This is for sure the best focaccia I ever tasted and made, its so soft and last for days!!!!

I learn to make it in a cooking class I attended last november!!!!

This bread is typical from The Puglia region in southern Italy!

You absolutely have to try will love it for sure!!!!


500 gr. of strong flour ( w260/280)

200 gr. durum flour

560 gr. of water

50 gr. of extra virgin olive oil

18 gr. of salt

15 gr. fresh yeast

20 gr. potato flakes (to make instant mashed potato)

25 cherry tomatoes


In a food processor mix the water with the yeast then add little by little the sifted flour and potato flakes mixing slowly. When the ingredients are well mixed together but the dough is still moist add the salt. Mixed well and pour slowly the olive oil.

When the dough is ready put it in a bowl, cover it with cling film and let rise till doubled (about 2 hours).

Sprinkle some durum( or semolina) flour in a work surface and poured the dough in the surface, divide into 2 equal parts. Fold each part over itself and shape it into a ball. Cover and let it rise again for about 30 minutes.

Place each ball in a well oiled baking tray and stretch the dough toward the edges with your fingertips, be careful not to brake the gas formed during the fermentation.

Cut in half the cherry tomatoes and spread them over the focaccia, sprinkle with oregano, olive oil and salt and let it rest for another 25 mins.

Pre heat the oven at 220ยบ and bake the focaccia until is golden brown!!!

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  1. great idea to do this all in English!... thank you! xx