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Morning we are again in the weekend... nothing planed really for today....but tomorrow first thing in the morning I'll go to vote against the nuclear base in Italy. Tomorrow and monday we can vote in a referendum, like in the 1988 when all the nuclear plants in Italy were closed. Do we really need nuclear plants? There must be a reason if even Germany decided to close all the plants in the next few What do you think???
I know it's not an easy subject to talk it's probably better if i stick to my new recipe....
Rye bread!!!! It was the first time for me to bake a rye bread and even to eat it actually....How did I came up with this recipe?
A few weeks ago, as I mentioned in one of my recent post, I started to collaborate with "Molino Chiavazza" and I received quite a few packets of flour. There was also a rye bread flour mixture and here I am with this delicious bread..

300 gr. of rye flour mixture
200 gr. of water
10 gr. fresh yeast
1 tsp of barley malt
1tsp of salt

In a bowl mix well all the ingredients adding the salt at the end. Knead on a slightly floured surface until you'll get an elastic and smooth dough. Place the dough in a slightly oiled bowl, cover with cling film and let it rest for about two hours, or until doubled in size. Shape the bread and with a sharp knife make a few deep slashes on top of the loaf. Let it rest another hour and bake the bred in a warm oven at 200ยบ for approximately 40 minutes!!!

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  1. ...passo oggi per la prima volta ma mi sono iscritta tra i tuoi sostenitori.....carinissimo il tuo blog....passa a trovarmi e iscriviti anche tu se ti va....ti aspetto...a presto stefy