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Matcha cakes!!!!


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Good morning everyone!!!!!! Did you spend a nice weekend? I didn't really do in Italy is really too hot....and as we say in Italy my blood pressure is on my so low that I have no strength to do anything. But today I'm celebrating my 100 posts on my italian blog with this very nice and light cakes!!!!! When i received my silicon base cakes mold from Pavoni I decided to try them immediately....they are so beautiful I couldn't resist!!!
What do you think about this cakes? Don't they really look nice? I think they do.....
These cakes were my breakfast treat over the last two days...couldn't start my day any better!!!

1 reduced fat yogurt
1 cup of flour and yeast mixture from Molino Chiavazza (I used the yogurt cup)
1 cup of skimmed milk
2 eggs
2 tbs of sugar
1 tbs of honey
1 tbs matcha powder

Beat the eggs with the sugar and honey. Then simply add the milk, yogurt, matcha powder and the sift flour. Mix until all the ingredient are well combined. Pour the cake mixture into the molds and bake in a warm oven at 180┬║ for 30 minutes.
I used the Pavoni Idea molds Rosa fiorita e Cuoricini with love

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2 commenti

  1. ...Ho sfornato anch'io proprio questa sera cuori e rose ma in versione dolce....le pubblicher├▓ nei prossimi giorni....ottima l'idea salata....bacini la stefy

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes. These cakes are darling. What a lovely way to start the day.