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Barley salad with vegetables


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Hello everyone!!!!! How are you???? Here in Rome in the last few days is so the moment the temperature is 31Âș hot to go anywhere! I'm so used to the british weather now, after 9 years....
This morning I can't be bother to do anything really....
Anyway on my last post I told you I couldn't wait to go back home to open some presents....I was expecting 2 parcels...but they were actually 3. One was, as I mention already, the prize from Molino Chiavazza...lots of flour to keep me busy for a while!!!! The second one was my new help in the kitchen... a beautiful food processor km 3323 from Clatronic....No more kneading by hand for me...yeahhhh!!!!!! And last but not least the third present was from Pavoni...6 fantastic silicon base make fantastic desserts or really everything you want!!!! I'm so happy to work in collaboration with this companies...a great achievement for my blog!!!
But lets talk about this new Italy in summer time is quite common to make rice salads. I just them but this time I wanted to try an healthier version not using the rice but barley!

1 red pepper 
1 courgette 
1 aubergine
1 onion
extra virgin olive oil

Simply wash the vegetables and cut them in small chunks. In a large pan cook them with some extra virgin olive oil until tender, season with salt and if you like with grounded pepper.
Cook the barley in salted boiling water for 10 mins. Let it cool down with some cold water and then toss with the vegetables.
A perfect summer dish with lots of veggie. You can enjoy this meal hot or cold as you prefer....With this warm weather I prefer it time I'll probably try it with some cheese feta. I think it will go very well with the vegetables!!

Barley salad with vegetables!!

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