Peppers rolls stuffed with tuna mousse!!!


For the italian version click here!!!
Hello everyone!!!!! I almost said good morning, but I just realized that is actually quite late.....On the last few days I'm staying in bed until very late...never happen before, not even when I was very young.
Recently I'm going to bed very late, I'm trying to modify a bit my blog style, especially the Italian one, but it takes time. Recently I've also changed the domain from to
When I opened the blog 2 years ago I didn't have any idea how to set up a blog, and that I could no change the address once I set up the blog. But little by little, step by step I learn something new and I try give to my blogs a more professional look!
But lets talk about todays recipe....very very easy bit so tasty!!!! You don't need lots of ingredients, and doesn't take lots of time either!!!!

1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
100 gr of spreadable cheese ( I used philadelphia)
150 gr of tuna ASDOMAR
some extra virgin olive oil 100% italian  OLIO DANTE

Grill the peppers in the oven and peel them. Divide the peppers in large slices and let cool down.
Prepare the  mousse. Drain the tuna and blend it with a mixer, add some olive oil if necessary and incorporate the cheese. Fill the pepper's slices and roll them!!!

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