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Hi everyone!!!! Today I’m posting something different , no recipe but an invitation to all of you!!!
I couldn’t wait to write this post, I’m so thrilled to write and to even to think about this...
About 2 months ago I discover a new group on facebook for foodbloggers, I met some fantastic girls! Chatting a bit a lovely girl had a fantastic idea and she ask to all of us “ What do you think if all together we create our own magazine?”  What a great idea, but will I be able to do something like that? Well lets try, why not? If I managed ok, if no..never mind, but at least I can say I tried! This new group started to work on this magazine immediately, and all together we created something amazing, and to think there is also a little bit of myself really fills my heart with joy and pride!!
A challenge and experience I will never forget..that helped me to grow and to think a bit more about my future.....
In the era of digital culture, the kitchen is turning into a mass phenomenon that involves fans and lovers of food regardless of sex or age,struggling with ladles and mousse. Recipes, tips, technical information, widespread curiosity prevail in the many aggregators and social networks, which have become the daily bread for foodies, a “strange animal” in search of a new exasperated knowledge, flavors and combinations to amaze himself and others. We foodblogger  are the protagonists of this revolution transforming our food blog from a simple personal diary to a concentrate  of ideas, experiments and emotions expressed in a digital form,but no longer enough for us.
That's why we introduce Open Kitchen, an open kitchen made by men and women in step with the times, who want to make their voices heard through a selection of headings and recipes designed to enthuse and attract you. Periodically we will be presenting with our headings and recipes, the best that our imagination allows us to produce in the kitchen and our personal experiences. Our kitchen will be your kitchen with new and original ideas to prepare your meals. On our magazine,in a digital format, you can find the same spontaneous feeling that gives you the note handwritten by a mother or an aunt found in an old cookbook. Read us and you will find the same emotions.”

Click on the magazine first page to read the magazine!!!

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  1. Wow! Amazing stuff! So proud of you x

  2. Ciao Nicoletta, grazie per la visita!!! Ciao a presto!