Broccoli and gorgonzola soup!!!!


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Good morning to all of you my dear friends.....I'm sure the majority of you is still sleeping....I don't usually wake up very early....I'm simply in Japan. Mmm actually I started to write this post a few hours ago so I guess most of you are awake now....
Today I want to give you the recipe of a classic dish at home...thats actually the first time I made it...usually I just enjoy when my husband prepares it.
Last week He bought lots of broccoli and steamed them....since I didn't really want to eat broccoli for a week I decided to make this delicious soup. Is a classic soup we had lots of times in England, Broccoli and Stilton soup...but since in Italy Stilton is impossible to find in Italy we now use a strong gorgonzola cheese. I have to say it still tastes delicious!!!

2 head broccoli
100/150 gr. gorgonzola
1 small onion
extra virgin olive oil
100 ml double cream

In a large pan soute' the onion and broccoli with some olive oil for a few minutes. Pour over the water, until the broccoli are covered. Bring to the boil and cook for a few minutes until broccoli are tender.
Transfer everything in a food processor, add the gorgonzola cheese (or stilton) and blend until smooth. 
Transfer the soup into a pan, add the cream (or 2 tbs of flour) and bring gently to a simmer. Reduce it if too thick.
Serve hot with croutons or some focaccia bread!

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