Japanese cuisine: Sukiyaki


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Mmmmmm I can’t remember If I’ve told you before how much I love japanese food. I love especially some dishes that I would eat every time I’m in Japan and I crave when I don’t eat pizza or pasta for a long time. One of my favourite dishes is “Sukiyaki”, bat I also love shabu shabu, tonkatsu and above all sushi. As you now know I’m the Tokyo eye on Open Kitchen Magazine, and this recipe was published on the first issue. Is a japanese dish in the “nabemono” style (japanese hot pot). Beef is the main ingredient and is usually cooked on the table. Japanese prefer Kobe beef, a delicacy renowned for the tenderness, flavour, fatty and well- marbled texture. Is a very expensive meat, actually the most expensive in the world. Popular beliefs said that the cows were fed with beer and massaged with sake. Japanese eat this dish with steamed rice and a row egg, slightly beaten with chopsticks were you can dip the ingredients. 
200 gr. finely sliced beef 
1 leek o 1 negi 
150 gr. mushrooms 
4 shiitake mushrooms 
1 tofu about 200 gr. 
200 gr. chinese cabbage 
70 gr. Konyaku noodles 
1 egg per person 
Sukiyaki sauce: 
75 gr. sugar 
50 ml sake 
50 ml soy sauce 

First of all if you don’t find sukiyaki sauce, prepare your own mixing sake, soy sauce and sugar.Wash and clean all the vegetables.Slice diagonally the leek or negi. Slice the cabbage. Clean mushrooms and divide the tofu into 4. Cook in boiling water the noodles for 4/5 minutes. Heat up a large frying pan, preferably a cast-iron pan, brush some oil and cook the meat on both sides for a few seconds. Add the tofu, vegetables, the sukiyaki sauce and the noodles. Bring to the boil and cook for a few minutes all the ingredients. 

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