Lamb curry and polenta!!!


Plate from Churchill china
For the Italian version click here!!!
Hi everyone!!!! Finally I managed to cook something for Giulia's contest about polenta. I'm not a big fan of polenta to be honest, but accompanied with this delicious curry I have to say was very good!

300g diced lamb
200ml coconut milk
1/4 of an onion
2 tbs curry powder
1 tbs garam masala
grounded chili pepper
extra virgin olive oil
100g polenta powder
400ml water

Saute' the onion with a few tbs of extra virgin olive oil. When soft remove from pan and set aside.
Brown the lamb on both sides and set aside. In the same pan mix a splash of coconut milk with the grounded spices. Mix well. Add the meat, onions and the rest of coconut milk and cook for a few minutes until the lamb is well cooked.
In the meantime prepare the polenta. Heat up 400ml of water, add the polenta powder and keep stirring. Cook for about 8 minutes.

With this recipe I take part at Giulia's (love at first bite) contest.

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