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Mini cakes with apricot jam and almond flour!!!


Plate from GreenGate, cake mould from Pavoni Idea
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Hello good evening everyone!!!!! What's the weather like where you are around the world? Here in Rome is quite cold, and actually is snowing!!! Very unusual, the last time they had proper snow here was the 1985....
Today I want to give a special recipe, these cakes are so delicious and light and I put the jam on the cake mixture! Is light because I used vegetable oil instead of butter and organic " Spiaggia" honey instead of sugar. This honey is very special, it was offered to me by ARTE TOSCANA. Arte Toscana comes from an entrepreneurial experience born years ago in the Tuscan territory and intends to offer a meeting point for the excellence in traditional and hand-crafted products, in typical food and in art creation from our region. That’s why they have selected a blend of craftmen, artists and producers able to express the best in terms of tradition and innovation, giving a chance to their creations to be known and appreciated also beyond their local reality and offering them a privileged distribution network. Arte Toscana brand guarantees quality and territorial identity to the creations and productions they select, and to the handcraft and typical products they exclusively propose. Please contact me to have a lucky number to obtain a discount on your first online order!
But now here is the recipe!
4 tbs organic honey from Arte Toscana
4 tbs organic apricot jam
2 small eggs
150g flour
50g almond flour
40g sunflower seed oil
25g milk
1 tsp baking powder

Beat the eggs and honey until fluffy and creamy, add the oil and continue beating until well absorbed. 
Fold in the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth.
Pour into the cake tin or on small cases (I used small silicon base cases from Pavoni Idea) and bake in a warm oven at 180ยบ for 30 minutes. 
Dust with icing sugar before serving. 

Plate from GreenGate, cake mould from Pavoni Idea

Organic Honey from Spiaggia ARTE TOSCANA

Brigidini dipped in milk chocolate

Dried figs from Carmignano 

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