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Chocolate Easter bread!!!


Finally I get the time to translate this traditional  Italian Easter cake. We call it colomba (dove) for its shape and the symbol of peace at Easter time. 
Is not a very easy to make it, it takes time...but it was my goal for this year and I'm really proud of the result. For sure I would have had the same result without my Clatronic KM 3323.


Difficulty: Elaborate 
Baking time: 45 minutes

150g manitoba flour
70g water
2g dehydrated sour dough starter
1st dough:
270g strong flour ( I used canadian flour from Molino Rosignoli)
80g sugar
4 egg yokes
85g butter
120g water
100g starter
2nd dough:
195g strong flour
100g sugar
4 egg yokes
1 large egg
35g water
85g butter
2g salt
Vanilla essence
200g chunks of chocolate
100g egg whites
1tbs cocoa powder
30g corn starch
100g almond flour
1 handful almond to decorate
Sugar grains
Icing sugar

Start to prepare the starter by mixing by hand all the ingredients in a bowl. Cover with cling film, and leave to rise about 20 hours.
First dough: In the kneading machine bowl mix the starter with a tbs of sugar and the water. Add the flour necessary to have a smooth dough that rolls around the beater. Add one egg yolk, 1 tbs of sugar and enough flour to obtain the previous dough consistency. 
When there is nothing loose on the sides of the bowl and the dough is all around the beater, add the butter in three batches. When all is absorbed, change the beater with the hook and knead for a few minutes. Cover the bowl, and allow to rise for 9 to 12 hours (until tripled in size).
Second dough: with the hook knead the first dough for a few seconds, add all the water, 20g of sugar and a bit of flour (the quantity necessary to roll the dough around the hook). Add the large egg and a bit of flour and knead until well incorporated. Next add the egg yolks (one by one) followed by sugar and flour, same as you did for the first dough. 
With the last egg yolk add the vanilla essence. Add the butter in three batches and knead well until you have a smooth and sticky dough (see pictures for dough consistency). 
Cover the bowl and leave to rise for a few hours. 
Add the chocolate chunks in the dough and knead over low speed until well incorporated.  Divide the dough into 2 equal parts.Place the two parts on the wings and the other part on the rest of the mould, from the head to the tail. 
Cover with cling film, and allow to rise until it reaches the edges or doubles in size. Glaze: Blend the icing sugar, corn starch, cocoa powder and ground almonds and egg whites to obtain a creamy, fluid mixture. Brush the glaze over the dove, and sprinkle on the almonds and sugar grains. Bake in a moderate hot oven at 180ÂșC for 45 minutes. 

1st dough kneading process and after 10 hours 

2nd dough

last stage

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  1. mamma mia che bella spiegazione della ricetta!
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